The Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Humanities (FIAH) established in 2003 is one the most dynamic at the Universitas Muhammadiyah Sukabumi (UMMI). It presents an authentic learning environment and experience relate to various social and human studies. The quality of holistic learning continues to be pursued by paying attention to excellence in the field of sciences and islamic perspectives as its trademark. In addition, various national and international collaborations that have been established also support the academic community to be able to access various learning opportunities outside campus, at home and abroad, to experience a global learning atmosphere. It offers a diverse academic programs such as : (1) Associate in Public Relations, (2) Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), (3) Bachelor of Public Administration (BSPA), (4) Bachelor of English Literature, and (5) Master of Administration Science. Also, it offers international programs such as : (1) International Short Course, (2) Double Degree, and (3) International Master of Administration Science.