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Hello FIAH Students!
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TOEFL ITP, or Institutional Testing Program, is an English language proficiency test created and developed by the institution that created the International TOEFL®, namely the Educational Testing Service (ETS) in Princeton, New Jersey, United States.
The Language Laboratory, Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Humanities, Muhammadiyah University of Sukabumi collaborates with UTC (UniSadhuGuna Testing Center) to administer the TOEFL ITP test.


TOEFL ITP Digital Test May 2023

Hello FIAH students; here is the registration schedule for the TOEFL ITP implementation in May 2023.
Available Schedule :
1. May 09, 2023
2. May 10, 2023
3. May 11, 2023
4. May 15, 2023
5. May 23, 2023
6. May 24, 2023

Registration closes D-5 before the Examination.
If applicants exceed 10 participants, the TOEFL test will be held offline at the Muhammadiyah University Sukabumi Language Lab.

For more information
Can contact
☎ 081298371358