FIAH International Short Course (FISC)

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Want to have international experience with FIAH?
Come and join us in the FIAH international Short Course program; get a memorable experience by participating in the FIAH international program.

1. FIAH International Short Course

The Covid-19 crisis has had an unprecedented impact on every aspect of our lives. Not only caused a bad economic downturn, it has also brought a profound social and cultural dislocation. Yet, recent developments give us a ray of hope and optimism for the present recovery. It is a time to rebuild what has been torn apart for the last two years. In the light of this context, the Faculty of Administration Sciences and Humanities (FIAH) would glady invite college students from Indonesia and all countries to join the 2023 International Short Course under the theme: Creating Collective Resilence for Sustainable Development.

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2. Indian Immersion Programme 2023

SRM University-AP, Andhra Pradesh, is a multi-disciplinary research-intensive institute combining academic rigor, evolving research ecosystem, entrepreneurial heritage, and pioneering faculty. As a leading tertiary education institution, SRM AP has been challenging the conventional learning ecosystem since its inception to create a novel avenue where passion for wisdom meets purpose and excellence.

" Globally Connected, Nationally Relevant and Regionally Transformative ".

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