Scholarship & Financial Aid

The FIAH Faculty specifically provides scholarship programs and bailouts for students who have problems due to the economy, and others. The following are some of the scholarship programs provided :

1. KIP Scholarship 

There are requirements and how to apply for the Muhammadiyah Sukabumi University KIP (Bidik Misi) Scholarship, for more information, see the following link

2. Hafiz Qur'an and Qori Scholarships

There is registration, selection, and types of scholarships provided for the Hafiz Qur'an and Qori Scholarships, for more information, see the following link

3. Student Financial Aid

In addition to the scholarship scheme provided by the government and institutions (UMMI), FIAH in particular also provides bailout funds in the form of financial assistance to students who have problems paying tuition fees/SPP due to economic difficulties and other factors. This bailout fund is given to help pay off tuition fees in each semester based on submissions from students. The amount is adjusted to the amount of arrears and the availability of funds at the Faculty. However, it usually only covers about 25-50% of the applicant's student tuition arrears. The terms and conditions can be seen in the financial services link for students.

4. Student Organizations Grant

FIAH also provides coaching funds for student organizations (Ormawa) within FIAH such as BEM, DPM, HIMA and IMM. The funds are entrusted to the management and use of the Ormawa as a form of education for independence, self-integrity and organizational accountability. Although in principle it remains under the guidance and direction of the supervisor/person in charge of each of these ormawa. In addition, there is also a fund for fostering student achievement, either in groups or individually. For example, the development of the PKM program and stimulant funds for students who won competitions at national and international levels. The terms and conditions can be seen at the financial services link for ormawa.

5. Research & Publication Grant 

FIAH provides stimulant funds for publication of lecturers, either research results or service. These funds are awarded for publication in accredited national journals, indexed internationally in reputable international and international databases. The amount is adjusted to the status or qualification of the journal by referring to the UMMI cost standard (SBK). The terms and conditions can be seen on the financial assistance link for lecturers.

6. Employee Assistance Fund

FIAH also provides a number of employee assistance funds, including lecturers, education staff, and other staff. Such as Samara Gifts (first marriage), Anak Soleh Gifts (birth for 3 children), Yasyfiin funds (sick compensation), takziah husnul khotimah (death compensation), and others. The amount of these funds is adjusted to the FIAH's annual budget that has been determined. The application process can be seen at the financial assistance link for employees.