Latest Research Publications

Research Publications

  1. Need Analysis of Research & Development Institute (LITBANG) in Bandung Regency
  2. Leadership in the Industrial Revolution 4.0
  3. The Effect of Professional Ethics and Auditor Professional Skepticism on the Accuracy of Giving Opinions by Public Accountants
  4. Presumptions in Puppet Show
  5. Sukabumi Regency Tourism Distinctive Capability
  6. The Effect of Cluster and Rayon System Policy Implementation on the Effectiveness of the New Student Admission Process (PPDB) Affirmation Path for Middle School Level in Bandung
  7. Advocacy Capacity of Civil Society Organizations to Realize Redistributive Land Reform
  8. Communication Strategy in Improving the Quality of Drinking Water Customer Service of PDAM Sukabumi City
  9. Instructional Communication for Dyslexic Children in State Elementary Schools in Sindangpalay Sub-district, Cibeureum District, Sukabumi City
  10. Optimization of Management Capability in Improving the Performance of Small and Medium Enterprises in Sukabumi Regency
  11. Analysis of Marketing Strategy for MSMEs in Sukabumi City with SWOT, SAP, and ETOP approaches
  12. Conceptualizing Democracy and Human Development Linkage : A Critical Review
  13. Politics of Identity in Indonesia : Evidences and Future Directions
  14. Policy Networks : Actors, Interests, and Power Relations in the Jakarta Bay Reclamation Project   


Community Service Publications (PKM)

  1. Integrated Tourism Object Area Development Model
  2. Tourism Object Development Model By Utilizing Existing Human Resources In Management And Building Ecosystems That Support Tourism Objects To Improve Community Economy
  3. UPUMKM Scale Training in Parungseah Village, Sukabumi District, Sukabumi Regency Through Increasing MSME Financial Management Knowledge
  4. Switching from Pegon script to Latin script
  5. Improving the Quality of Healthy Life of the Dayak Community Through a Healthy School Workshop in Landak District, West Kalimantan
  6. Development of a RT-Based Tangguh Village in Sukasari Village, Kab. Cianjur